Download and play with your friends on your smartphone or tablet.

It's Time to Feed the Coach, Beat the Coach and Meet the Coach!

• Play cornhole against the GameDay guys: Chris, Desmond, Kirk or Lee

• Challenge your Facebook friends for ultimate bragging rights

How to Play

• Each player gets 4 bags per inning and alternate throwing each of their bags.

• When all 8 bags have been tossed, the inning is over.

• Click a bag to select it, drag, and release to toss it.

• Be careful! The wind and speed of your release can affect your toss.


• The first player to reach 21 points wins.

• A bag on the board receives 1 point.

• A bag in the hole receives 3 points.

• A bag thrown or knocked off the board receives no points.

• Bags can get knocked off the board at any time during an inning.